Vision and Voices

We have a “Vision” for positive change and to ensure a real “Voice” for the California Brain Injury Community: We plan to develop a “distributed” — decentralized — organization that is based upon the active participation of all willing volunteer members of the California “Brain Injury Community” and interested others. It also is built around the strengths of the many programs and the natural bonds among county residents in each of California’s 58 counties. Each county’s BIACA “team” will coordinate local contacts with services and brain injury survivors, and one or more county representative volunteers will also coordinate with the statewide BIACA organization. This will reduce the initial need for the great expenses of a central organization, expensive office rent in a city, with a large bureaucracy. By using “grassroots” organizing with people from all counties, we will all share the responsibilities and decision making equally, throughout the state’s Brain Injury communities.