About Us

The BIACA is all volunteers. Most of us are survivors or caregivers to survivors of brain injuries of all kinds .

The Brain Injury Association of California is also called the BIA of California or the BIA of CA, or simply BIA – CA. We are also known as the “California Brain Injury Association.”

We are here to help everyone, for no personal gain by the BIACA.

We are all NEW.
We are a new organization, incorporated in March 2003, although most of us have been working toward this goal for years.

We have no relationship and no connection with any former brain injury organization in California.

This organization and this web site are going to be the ultimate sources of everything you need to know about Acquired Brain Injury (called “ABI”) in California!

We will link to all the major brain injury and disability organizations and services throughout California.

The BIA of CA will be the best place you can go when you want advocacy and to get some action taken about Acquired Brain Injuries!

Please help us, and be patient, as we develop all the resources that you need.

Please read the summary of the BIACA below, starting with our “Mission,” to get a convenient overview first.